From Albion to Attica

Interview: Gatekeeper

Exactly two years ago, on 26 January 2021, we published for the last time an interview with Jeff Black from Gatekeeper – this article was released as a part of our big Manilla Road Special. Since we always enjoy chatting with Jeff and the new Gatekeeper album From Western Shores…

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Interview: Cân Bardd

We have already written about the wonderful Atmospheric Arts festival in Mannheim in the context of our interview with Eïs. Today we dedicate ourselves to the headliner of this evening: Cân Bardd. The Swiss around bandleader Malo Civelli, who answered our questions, were the main reason for us to travel…

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Interview: Eïs

Am vergangenen Wochenende hat es Aidan und mich nach Mannheim verschlagen, da wir uns dort die erste Ausgabe des Atmospheric Arts Festivals anschauen wollten. Rückblickend betrachtet war dies ein ausgesprochen gelungener Start ins Konzert- und Festivaljahr 2023. Eine Band, die einen großen Teil zu unserem tollen Erlebnis in der Kurpfalz…

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Our scene is alive!

They can be heard and read again and again: The complaints that metal is in decline and that our scene lacks young blood. If you go to some concerts of bands that belong more to the classical genres, this point of view is quite understandable. However, this is only one…

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Best of 2022: Songs (Black Metal)

Today we present you 2 more playlists: This time we focus on our favourites from the field of extreme metal, mainly black metal – a few crossovers are included. We hope that you can discover some exciting bands for yourselves. Aidan André Playlist on Tidal: Click here.

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Best of 2022: Songs

Today we continue with our Best of 2022 series. This time, the focus is on our favourite songs. Two notes on this: There is no particular order here. In addition, we offer you a Tidal and a Spotify playlist this time. We continue to believe that Spotify’s market power is…

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Best of 2022: Artworks (Top 3)

Today we would like to share our favourite artworks from the year 2022 with you in our Best of series. In the brackets you always find the name of the artist. Aidan 1. Horn – Verzet (Timon Kokott) 2. Dark Forest – Ridge & Furrow (Christian Horton) 3. Fer de Lance -…

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Best of 2022: EPs (Top 5)

We continue with our Best of lists, which – as you can see – look a little different this year than they have recently: We have decided to avoid rankings and just present our top releases. When we show you our top albums, we will also write a short text…

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Interview: Darkest Era

I already wrote it a few weeks ago on our Facebook profile: For months Aidan has been telling me that I really had to check out Darkest Era’s latest release Wither on the Vine more intensively. This would be one of the best albums of the year. My young colleague…

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