My Top 5: Leeland Campana (Visigoth)

Here are Leeland Campana‘s five favourite albums of all time – a fantastic pick of the guitarist of Epic Heavy Metal heroes Visigoth, do you agree?

1) Black SabbathHeaven and Hell

In my opinion, one of the best Metal albums ever made as a whole. »Children of the Sea« is one of my all time favorite songs. 

2) Grave DiggerRheingold

Epic, heavy, and truly unique. This album has been very influential in my songwriting. 

3) Manilla RoadCrystal Logic

Manilla Road in general has been a quintessential inspiration. Mark Shelton was a friend and genuinely kind soul. 

4) Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son

This album has always stood out as special to me. The whole album has a magical and mystical atmosphere that really resonates with me. 

5) Manowar Sign of the Hammer

Manowar was among the first bands that got me into Heavy Metal. It’s difficult to narrow down to just one album for Manowar. I chose this one because the song »Mountains« is one of my favorites and has a lot of the elements that make them special.

Honorable mentions:

  • Medieval Steel Dungeon Tapes
  • Virgin SteeleInvictus 
  • Judas PriestScreaming for Vengeance

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