My Top 5: D.K. Kras (Darklon)

Metal from Hellas: Today, D.K. Kras from Darklon (Power/Epic Heavy Metal outfit with the current Omen vocalist Nikos Migus A.) talks about his five favourite albums of all time.

1. SavatageHall of the Mountain King

My favourite album of all time! My favourite guitarist, my whole world. Alpha and Omega!

R.I.P., Criss (Blaze Breeg)

2. RiotThundersteel

An incredible album, one of the most amazing songwritings, riffs ‘n‘ leads, the US view in Power Metal!

3. Dio Holy Diver

The one and only Ronnie James Dio, the eternal voice. The magic flows in every song of the record. Amazing guitarwork as well.

4. Vicious RumorsVicious Rumors

A masterpiece, the one and only Carl Albert on vox, the great work on guitars, my influence for songwriting… Eternal!

5. Jag PanzerAmple Destruction

Strike again and again, what an album?!! Big influence and my way for songwriting, too…lovely!

Honourable mentions:

  • Liege LordMaster Control
  • ManowarHail to England
  • Heavens GatesLivin’ in Hysteria

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