In remembrance of Warrel Dane

Originally posted on our Facebook profile (2020/12/13)

Exactly three years ago, a legend left us, a true genius, Warrel Dane of Sanctuary, Nevermore, Sepent’s Knight and his amazing solo project.

Although, I wouldn’t consider his music epic, it has something very important in common with Epic Metal, passion and emotion. But not only his songwriting skills were phenomenal, he was also a superb vocalist with a huge vocal range and the capability of conveying emotion as no other.

I actually only found out about him post mortem but I immediately fell in love with his music. The two Nevermore albums Dead Heart in a Dead World and Obsidian Conspiracy as wells as the one of a kind masterpiece of Sanctuary Into the Mirror Black are some of the best albums of all time and especially the Nevermore albums are among the most emotional albums ever to exist.

I would have loved to see him live one day, I would have loved to experience this emotion right before my eyes, I would have loved to find out about the source of all this genius. But unfortunately this genius took a toll on his life.

May he Rest in Peace. 1961-2017

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  1. Ein grossartiger Sänger den ich 2x live erleben durfte. Mit Sanctuary und Fates Warning (The Exit Tour) und dann mit Nevermore. Das Debut von Sanctuary kaufte ich mir einst aus reiner Neugier und wegen des Artworks. (Von Dave Mustain produziert) und Hallo was ein Debut. Leider hinterlies der Liveauftritt mit Nevermore keinen guten Eindruck. Warrel war im Eimer (was ja bekannt war). Dafür überzeugten mich die Alben von Anfang an. Nur mit dem Album “Obsidian Conspiracy” kam ich nicht in Kontakt. Da höre ich doch glatt noch mal rein.

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