Interview: Justin Biggs (Sorcerer/SWE)

Today, we gladly present you an interview with Justin Biggs, bass player of epic doom metal giants Sorcerer. Enjoy reading!

Hi Justin, how are you doing?

Justin Biggs: Hi there! I am fairing well, given the circumstances. Working both with my day job and with music.

What was the last record you listened to before answering my questions?

Mercyful Fate‘s Melissa.

Well, one of my favourite records of all time… Can you tell us something about your favourite releases this year? In my opinion, it’s nearly impossible to make up a top 10 list because of the amount of really great stuff.

I have been listening to a lot of new and underground bands. My top pick is Kvaen‘s The Funeral Pyre. Just an amazing masterpiece. It is blackened-death metal in vain of bands like Dissection or Watain. Really good stuff.

Sounds interesting. I think I’ll give it a listen as soon as possible…

But I have a few more

  • LikMisanthropic Breed
  • AcaciaResurrection
  • KatapultA Fistful of Truth
  • Yoth IriaUnder his Sway
  • Crimson DawnInverno

To name a few.

Let’s talk about Sorcerer. Do you remember the first time you listened to one of their magical demos?

Yeah, it was a few years ago, just after their reformation. I hadn’t really listened to the band before that, aside from a song or two.

What’s your favourite song of the first chapter, 1989-1992? I know it’s a tough question regarding the quality of the demo material…

»The Highlander« and »The Sorcerer«, are my favourite tracks. »The Highlander« is fun to play live and there is a little more action musically. »The Sorcerer« is just a straight up epic doom banger!

Since 2017 you’re a part of the Sorcerer story. At first, as a live musician. Can you tell us a bit about the last 3 years? Could you point out some moments that were very memorable for you?

The last 3 years have been a blast in Sorcerer. Since joining in 2017. We released The Crowning Of The Fire King and Lamenting Of The Innocent. Two strong albums we are extremely proud of. With every year that passes, we are more and more active in terms of live performances and gigs. We would have had a good outing in support of Lamenting Of The Innocent. Sadly, a global pandemic put a stop to any plans of us touring. We however don’t allow that to slow us down. Most gigs are moved to 2021 and we are extremely active behind the scenes. Most memorable moments, for me personally, would have to be my first gig at Metaldays 2018, ProgPower 2019, the video shoots for Lamenting Of The Innocent and the writing and recording of Lamenting.

What was the weirdest thing you read in a review about Lamenting of the Innocent?

I try not to read too much into reviews as they are individual, subjective, and personal, to the person who reviews or has reviewed the album. Some people are going to love what we do, other people won’t. We will continue to do what we do best: making music, without compromise.

On our blog we focus on epic and epic doom metal. How would you qualify the musical style of your band?

I am not a fan of generalizing music, if I had to; I’d say, epic doom metal. That is what we are often referred to as… So, if the shoe fits!

What are your favourite epic doom metal records of all time? Is there a rather unknown record that our readers definitely should check out?

I think my favourite of all time would have to be CandlemassKing Of Grey Islands. An absolutue banger! It is thought-out, well-written and everyone playing on it is really going for it. In terms of »obscure« albums, I reckon it is more prog-like stuff from the 1970s. Not really a forum to discuss those.

I hope to see Sorcerer at Rock Hard Festival 2021 but I’m quite pessimistic at the moment. What are you missing the most during this damned pandemic: Playing gigs, hanging around with your bandmates, being abroad?

Playing and meeting/hanging out with fans, new friends, and people we meet along the way. I miss the comradery between the guys and myself in the band. We always have fun together and there are always hard laughs. I miss it terribly and hope we can get back to it as soon as possible.

Besides, do you have a favourite festival?

I like and enjoy all of the festivals we have played. Everyone has been super kind to us. Whether it be Metaldays, IceRock, ProgPower, Headbangers Open Air, Bang Your Head, Demon’s Gate, Echoes of The Labyrinth, Hammer Of Doom… everyone has been fantastic. So, it’s not a particular festival I favour over another but rather the vibe that I enjoy and favour over all.

Last question: Is there an important lesson you learnt in this remarkable year? For me, for instance, starting our Epic Metal Blog was a good way to make the best of the current situation.

I learned to remain always humble and patient. No one can say with certainty where they will be, with whatever ambitions or plans they may have. It can be taken away, and quickly at that. Keeping your two feet, firmly, on the ground and not forgetting where you come from is necessary. Especially today and every day that follows.

True words! Justin, thanks a lot for your time. Stay healthy, and see you on the road very soon.

Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon as well. Take care and stay healthy. All the best.

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