Our Top 20 albums of 2020

2020 comes to an end and without any doubt it will be rememberd as a historic year. But not only for the mad circumstances: a pandemic that drives all of us insane, an election that might have prevented the end of democracy, no, but also for tons of amazing albums that will write history. Epic Metal has been especially blessed with highly anticipated albums, great newcomers as well as legends returning with a bang. Limiting all these amazing albums to just 20 of them was a very difficult task, yet we tried to do it and now we present to you: Our Top 20 albums of 2020. While these lists will also include non-epic albums, we will publish a joint list of the 10 best Epic Metal albums of this year soon! Stay tuned and enjoy! – Divine Victim

Blaze Breeg:

1. Possessed Steel Aedris

2. Megaton SwordBlood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire

3. Dexter WardIII

4. Wytch HazelIII: Pentecost

5. TyrantHereafter

6. HittmanDestroy all Humans

7. Lord VigoDanse de Noir

8. Cirith Ungol – Forever Black

9. Kramp – Gods of Death

10. Crystal SkullAncient Tales

11. SpellOpulent Decay

12. GreyhawkKeepers of the Flame

13. Eternal ChampionRavening Iron

14. Old Mother HellLord of Demise

15. Pale DivineConsequence of Time

16. Shadow Warrior – Cyberblade

17. Armored Saint Punching the Sky

18. Spirit Adrift Enlightened in Eternity

19. RunemasterWanderer

20. GlacierThe Passing of Time

Divine Victim:

1. Possessed Steel – Aedris

2. Dark Forest Oak, Ash & Thorn

3. Wytch HazelIII: Pentecost

4. Dexter WardIII

5. Solitary SabredBy Fire & Brimstone

6. Crépuscule D’HiverPar-delà Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres

7. HavukruunuUinuos Syömein Sota

8. Eternal ChampionRavening Iron

9. RomuvosThe Baltic Crusade

10. Old Mother HellLord of Demise

11. IronswordServants of Steel

12. GlacierThe Passing of Time

13. Crystal SkullAncient Tales

14. GreyhawkKeepers of the Flame

15. SpellOpulent Decay

16. Cirith Ungol – Forever Black

17. KrampGods of Death

18. The Wizar’dSubterranean Exile

19. TravelerTermination Shock

20. Cloven HoofAge of Steel

Mr. Metalsson:

No Remorse records 2020

Getreu meinem Motto “Irgendwo zwischen Underground und Mainstream”.

1. Eternal ChampionRavening Iron

2. Possessed SteelAedris

3. StallionSlaves of Time

4. Terra AtlanticaAge of Steam

5. Alestorm Curse of the Crystal Coconut

6. HatebreedWeight of the False Self

7. MyrkurFolkesange

8. EnsiferumThalassic

9. SodomGenesis XIX

10. KrampGods of Death

11. Dark ForestOak, Ash & Thorn

12. Cirith UngolForever Black

13. AtramentusStygian

14. Memories of OldThe Zeramin Game

15. Megaton SwordBlood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire

16. HyemsAnatomie des Scheiterns

17. AmbushInfidel

18. Sacred OutcryDamned for all Time

19. Stygian Crowns/t

20. NightwishHuman :||: Nature

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