Our Top 10 EPs of 2020

As already pointed out in our previous list, Our Top 20 Albums of 2020, this year was absolutely amazing, if one looks at releases. Therefore, the task of creating a Top list of all releases was sheer impossible. Yet one thing we could do, was to split up the list into different categories and still we had to leave out tons of amazing releases! Just for once, I would say that EPs are able to keep up with the albums. I would even go so far and claim that 2020 might be the best year for EPs up to now! Many of these EPs obtain some of the best songs of the year and will definitely be remembered in the future! – Divine Victim

Blaze Breeg:

1. Fer de Lance Colossus

2. SoulcasterMaelstrom of Death and Steel

3. ColtreUnder the Influence

4. Atom Smasher The Age of Ice

5. LegendryHeavy Metal Adventure

6. Black Sword Thunder AttackMarch of the Damned

7. MeurtrièresMeurtrières

8. Cobra SpellLove Venom

9. Seven SistersCampfire Tales

10. SmoulderDream Quest Ends

Honourable Mention: Saturday’s HeroesTurn up the Music! – I go for this style of highly melodic punk tunes which give you tons of energy and spread positive vibes. Especially during this awful pandemic EPs like this Swedish gem are badly needed. Besides, Turn up the Music! contains one of my favourite tracks of 2020: »Black Clouds«.

Divine Victim:

1. Fer de LanceColossus

2. MeurtrièresMeurtrières

3. Seven SistersCampfire Tales

4. ColtreUnder the Influence

5. Atom SmasherThe Age of Ice

6. Black Sword Thunder AttackMarch of the Damned

7. SoulcasterMaelstrom of Death and Steel

8. SkyryderVol.2

9. LegendryHeavy Metal Adventure

10. Knight & GallowMen of the West

Honourable Mention: Midnight ForceVessel of Darkness, two amazing different versions of songs from their latest album Gododdin, »one very old pre-Midnight Force ballad reimagined by [their] sister band Visceral Noise Department« as well as an epic new track! Qualitywise it would get a place in the list easily, yet in comparison to the others there’s just too little new material. Nevertheless, check them out!!!

Mr. Metalsson:

1. StallionChristmatized

2. Fer de Lance Colossus

3. Midnight Dice Hypnotized

4. MeurtrièresMeurtrières

5. Soulcaster Maelstrom of Death and Steel

6. Smoulder – Dream Quest Ends

7. Cobra SpellPoison Bite

8. Black Sword Thunder Attack – March of the Damned

9. Legendry – Heavy Metal Adventure

10. Stormkeep – Galdrum

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