Our Top 15 newcomers of 2020

Newcomers, what are they and why are they so exciting to look at? Newcomers are young adventurers, who just started their journey to reach fame, honour and glory, who due to their untamable passion and ravenous energy dare to face every battle and eventually might succeed in achieving their dream! No, all jokes or rather fanaticism aside, unlike established or old bands, newcomers don’t have to please any narrow-minded fanbases or have to reach any expectations. They can solely do what they want and focus solely on what their passion and raw energy are leading them to. And often by combining all those emotions and the fresh enthusiasm they manage to release some of the best music out there! Yet still they all show plenty of potential, which we are all yearning see. Is there a better feeling than growing up with a band you knew and supported from the start onwards? In our eyes newcomers are bands and projects that haven’t released a full-length album before the current output of this year. But not only the quality of the material plays a big role but also the surprise factor. Therefore, the lists are not solely focussed on the qualitiy of the band but also on how much they came out of nowhere, on how much they enthralled us and on how much the discovery of a new wonderful band made us smile! So let the new arrivals enter the arena and greet them with thunderous applause! – Divine Victim

Blaze Breeg:

1. Fer de Lance

2. Possessed Steel

3. Megaton Sword

4. Kramp

5. Greyhawk

6. Crystal Skull

7. Soulcaster

8. Atom Smasher

9. Shadow Warrior

10. Coltre

11. Runemaster

12. Meurtrières

13. Knight and Gallow

14. Stygian Crown

15. Ryghär

Divine Victim:

1. Fer de Lance

2. Possessed Steel

3. Meurtrières

4. Atom Smasher

5. Greyhawk

6. Coltre

7. Crystal Skull

8. Crépuscule d’Hiver

9. Moontowers

10. Soulcaster

11. Runemaster

12. Ryghär

13. Kramp

14. Throne of Iron

15. Knight and Gallow

Mr. Metalsson:

1. Possessed Steel

2. Kramp

3. Atramentus

4. Fer de Lance

5. Megaton Sword

6. Ecclesia

7. Throne of Iron

8. Crépuscule d’Hiver

9. Meurtrières

10. Stygian Crown

11. Memories of Old

12. Sacred Outcry

13. Undeath

14. Shadow Warrior

15. Stormkeep

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