New Year’s Eve Special

By moonlight we ride
Ten thousands side by side
With swords drawn held high
Our whips and armour shine
Hail to thee our infantry
Still brave beyond the grave
All sworn the eternal vow
The time to strike is now

On the last day of this awful year, which was a tough challenge for everybody on our planet, we want to present to you something special. My colleagues MrMetalsson (Tim), Divine Victim (Aidan) and I thought about our own favourite bands, albums, songs etc. – after reading our lists, you’ll know more about our own tastes. Some answers are quite shocking, I suppose, but on New Year’s Eve it’s time to open the kimono, isn’t it? But, most of all, at this point we wish you all the best and lots of luck in 2021. Many thanks for your amazing support so far! (BB)


Favourite band: Atlantean Kodex

Favourite album: The Course of Empire

Favourite song: »Battle Hymn«

Favourite vocalist: Fabio Lione (Rhapsody/of Fire)

Favourite guitarist: Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray/Helloween)

Favourite artwork: AtramentusStygian

Classic album I don’t like: almost everything from Motörhead & AC/DC

Guilty pleasure: Sabaton

Blaze Breeg:

Favourite band: Atlantean Kodex (past, present, future, Alpha & Omega)

Favourite album: The White Goddess

Favourite song: »Sol Invictus«

Perhaps you’re able to discover me (front row, left, BB)

Favourite vocalist: Past – Bruce Dickinson; Present – Felipe Kutzbach

Favourite guitarist: Metal – Criss Oliva; Non-metal – David Gilmour

Favourite artwork: Atlantean KodexThe Course of Empire

Classic album I don’t like: AC/DC every single note on every single album

Guilty pleasure: ManowarWarriors of the World

Divine Victim:

Favourite band: Manilla Road, Dark Forest (active)

Favourite album: Beyond the Veil

Favourite song: »Under the Greenwood Tree« (changes on a regular basis)

Favourite vocalist: Warrel Dane (past), Josh Winnard (active)

Favourite guitarist: Mark Shelton (past), Christian Horton (active)

Favourite Artwork: Elixir All Hallows Eve

Classic album I don’t like: a lot from AC/DC, Running Wild and Metallica

Guilty pleasure: Traditional British Christmas Carols

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