My Top 5: Ryghär Highwind (Ryghär)

If you’ve read our Newcomer list or are active on Instagram, you should already have heard of Ryghär! Having devoted themselves to the Epic sound, the six Texans are one of the hottest newcomers of the last years. Therefore, we asked the head and mind behind the band’s whole concept, Ryghär Highwind (Vocals), what his […]

My Top 5: Flo Spector (Meurtrières)

As you probably already know, Meurtrières from Lyon are one of our favourite newcomers of 2020. For many fans, they literally came out of nowhere. Their self-titled EP is undoubtledly one of the best French heavy metal records since ages. That’s why we’re really glad to present to you Flo Spector’s five favourite albums of […]