My Top 5: Flo Spector (Meurtrières)

As you probably already know, Meurtrières from Lyon are one of our favourite newcomers of 2020. For many fans, they literally came out of nowhere. Their self-titled EP is undoubtledly one of the best French heavy metal records since ages. That’s why we’re really glad to present to you Flo Spector’s five favourite albums of all time. As you see, the Meurtrières guitarist struggled a bit with this nasty task – nevertheless he sent us not only an interesting pick but also amazing pictures from his vinyl collection. Merci beaucoup, Flo!

Thin LizzyBlack Rose: A Rock Legend (1979)

How is it even possible to narrow it down to only 5 favorite lps? If I have to do such a stupid list, I know there will be at least one Lizzy album. But which one to choose among their flawless discography? I’d go with Black Rose at the moment because it’s a fucking feel-good record and we all need this right now, don’t we?

Brats1980 (1980)

This Danish band is pre-Mercyful Fate and the epitome of what a great punkish heavy metal band should sound like: mean, melodic and insanely catchy. A mandatory record for everyone who loves heavy metal.

Roky Erickson and The AliensThe Evil One (1981)

The GOAT. Truly one of the most important rock musicians of all time, in all his incarnations, whether it be with The 13th Floor Elevators, solo or with his many different backing bands. The Evil One is full of great guitar licks and attitude. RIP ROKY.

Mercyful Fate Melissa (1983)

If I have to choose only one metal record to listen to until the (soon-to-happen) end of time, it will be Melissa. It never gets boring.

The SaintsEternally Yours (1978)

A punk rock masterpiece from Australia. Don’t get me wrong, I was also kinda turned off by the horns on the first track. It’s an acquired taste. If you pass this first test, you’re ready to appreciate a shocking amount of perfectly crafted tunes, with Stoogian guitars assaults and a great singer, who is simultaneously aggressive and detached, if that makes any sense. Come on metalheads! Don’t be narrow-minded and listen to punk rock! It’s all the same to me anyway.

Meurtrières – s/t, check it out here.

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