My Top 5: Ryghär Highwind (Ryghär)

If you’ve read our Newcomer list or are active on Instagram, you should already have heard of Ryghär! Having devoted themselves to the Epic sound, the six Texans are one of the hottest newcomers of the last years. Therefore, we asked the head and mind behind the band’s whole concept, Ryghär Highwind (Vocals), what his five favourite albums of all time are. And it is no suprise to us, that this list will carry us off onto a journey through the dark depths of the underground! Hail Thurmecia! – Divine Victim

1. TytanRough Justice

This one is a ripper I don’t see mentioned enough. The track to check out would be »The Watcher«, it has a ton of percussive elements usually missing from European releases. I can confidently say: there is something great on this album for anyone. Sick fucking album art!

2. X-CaliberWarriors Of The Night

Here’s a flawed classic, there is a lot to dig into in this one and I think some of the writing was really good, even if parts weren’t as fleshed out as they could be. Check out »The Sword«, it’s one we definitely will be covering in the future. Pretty cool album art!

3. UniverseUniverse

Wow, simply wow! Two vocalists and both of them with great range, the riffs are literally out of this world and once again with an extreme melodic emphasis. It is what Swedes are known for in my book, and this one comes with melodies and hooks at every turn. »Rollin’ On« is the rocking cruising in your Camaro with your sick mullet trailing in the breeze fucking jammer. An honorable mention for »Woman«, for when that special teased Hair Heavy Metal hottie comes over after the Ratt concert and you gotta take off your oakleys and show her a more sensitive side. The album art should be the logo for a movie company or should be painted on someone’s sick van!

Witch CrossFit for Fight

Literally a perfect legendary album. Ten points to Gryffindor! Literally, just fucking ripper after ripper!


Something a little more current, there is really a lot to dig into on this record. These guys aren’t afraid to sculpt melodies and can do it without losing power, aggression or riffing (By Ymir’s bones! The riffs on the titular track are so fucking sick!) These dudes are in a class alone!

Thanks for having me, we will be revealing our album release date and we will be featuring some patches soon!


– Ryghär Highwind, Lord commander of the Silver Company, Champion of Ga’Eldors breach, Keeper of the eternal stair of the Ziggurat Esoternium

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