My top 5: Shawn Vincent (Smoulder and Ezra Brooks)

Shawn Vincent is a well known name in the Canadian Traditional Metal scene, not only for his intensive musical activity: he is a founding member and guitarist for the acclaimed Epic Metal formation Smoulder, he plays the bass for the Speed Metal band Gatekrashör and did so for the Heavy Metal band Manacle, until 2016 he also sang and played the bass for the Heavy Power Metal band Hrom and last but not least he is known for his epic solo project Ezra Brooks! But he has also proven that his taste in music is very reliable, flawless and profound, which one can also see when looking at his extensive collection! Only recently he got married to Sarah Ann Kitteringham, vocalist for Smoulder and journalist for BangerTV and Decibel Magazine as well as Support and Scribe for Bandcamp! The Epic Metal Blog congratulates you and wishes the two of you the best of luck (in Finland)! Now get a taste of Shawn Vincent’s amazing taste! – Divine Victim

The Lord Weird Slough FegTraveller

Reverend Bizarre –  III: So Long Suckers


Bathory –  Blood on Ice

Blind GuardianTales from the Twilight World

There’s at least a dozen more albums that I would consider my all time favourites, but these are the five that each have their own extra special meaning to me and will stick with me to the grave!



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