Interview: Darklon

Today, we present to you an interview with Greek US power metal outfit Darklon. We had the opportunity to talk to guitarist D.K. Kras, who already sent us a nice top 5 list a few weeks ago, and to frontman Nikos Migus A. – also the current vocalist of legendary Omen. Enjoy reading!

Hi guys, let’s start with the most important question these days. How are you doing?

D.K. Kras: Hello André! We are fine and safe. And we like to thank you for the interview, all the best for your Epic Metal Blog!

Thank you, my friend! We’re trying to do our best for the scene.

Nikos Migus A.: Hey André! Good to be here. Still safe and healthy and planning to keep it that way. (laughs)

Seems to be good plan… What was the last record you listened to before answering my question? In my case it’s: Coltre – Under the Influence.

K: I’m listening to TyrantHereafter.

Excellent choice, you know that I love this record!

Ν: Savage Grace Master of Disguise for me!

Solid stuff for a nice playlist. I think there are still some readers who don’t know Darklon yet. Kostas, why did you found this band? Can you describe your vision?

K: OK, the band started in 2017. The vision, hm, I love to create and play music – and we wanna go as far as we can!

D.K. Kras

When did you two meet for the first time?

K: Nice question! I met Nikos back in 2018 (because of my work, I am a sculptor). It was a nice story because I made a Termination half mask, for his tour with Omen – and it was an honour for me. I knew Nikos from his work in the music business, but not in person. So, after all this we became good friends and finally band mates, since 2019.

Last year, you released a strong EP called Rise from Death which every fan of vigorous US power metal should check out. Can you tell us a bit about the feedback you received?

K: Yes! We love US METAL as you can see! The feedback was very good, especially when you keep in mind that it was a debut record.

Are you currently working on new material? And if so, what may we expect? Will there be some stylistic changes compared to Rise from Death?

K: Yes we do! Basically, we are near the end of the recordings. Regarding stylistic changes.. more US METAL (laughs).

Well, that’s a great surprise! No cheesy euro power metal this time… (laughs)

K: No…, ok, let’s be serious: We love this work. We are extremely happy with the result…and I believe people gonna love this!

N: Like Kostas said, we’re almost done with the record. From my part, I’m extremely happy to work on this project. It’ll kick some serious ass.

On our blog, we mainly focus on epic metal. Do you like this genre?

K: I love epic stuff, especially with a heavy touch.

N: The more epicness the better. (laughs)

The more epicness the better.

Nikos Migus A.

Definitely, we could use this quote as a slogan for our blog… Are there any young talented Greek metal bands who you would like to recommend?

K: We have lot of friends who play in great bands, personally I love Sacral Rage and Wrathblade.

N: Ok, Kostas, you choose Sacral Rage – I outdo you with a band who is not so young but awesome: Power Crue.

What do you think about social media platforms like Facebook? I deleted my profile a few years ago, but now I’m back because for me it’s still the easiest way to communicate with artists.

K: It helps a lot, if you know how to work with this tool. We are living in the age of social media, so we have to see the positive aspects.

N: I hate to love social media, to be honest. It makes it easier to draw attention on your work – but we lost the romantic side of music.

Nikos Migus A.

I totally agree with you… Nikos, I suppose it’s a dream for almost every metal vocalist to perform in a legendary band like Omen?

N: I won’t lie to you: It’s freaking awesome! I always loved Omen and the legendary late J.D. Kimball will always be a great influence for me. We are a great team, Kenny, Reece, Roger and me. We’re very close and we are working very hard for the upcoming album.

I can’t wait to listen to it! Last question, for you two: What’s your favourite Omen record?

K: 2 albums and 1 EP, please… (laughs)

Okay, you may cheat a bit, as a good friend of our blog…

K: The Curse (1986), Warning of Danger (1985), Alive (2018, with Nikos, BB).

N: That’s a tough one…

No easy questions today…

N: Well, The Curse comes first, for sure, then Battle Cry (1984) and for the third one you’ll have to wait a few months (laughs).

Oh, that sounds promising! Anyway, I have to spin Omen tonight, for sure. Thanks a lot for your time, stay healthy – and see you on the road soon.

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