Interview: 21deDiciembre

Today, we want to present to you an interview with Spanish funeral (drone) doom/dark ambient project 21deDiciembre. Enjoy reading!

Hi, thanks a lot for your time. How are you doing?

Not bad, could always be better, but so far I’m keeping well, with the current situation I consider myself lucky.

I think there are still some readers who don’t know you yet. Could you please tell us a bit about 21deDiciembre?

21deDiciembre is a very personal project that emerged after some unpleasant and unavoidable episodes in my life. In fact, 21st December was the day my father passed away from a consumptive disease, meanwhile my mother‘s life was kind of switching off from the same illness, and for that reason the name of this project. I can say that the motivation and inspiration comes from the death, the loss of the beloved ones and from an feeling of absolute loneliness and sadness. Mea Redemptio, how my first album is called, is an inconsolable cry of desperation that intends to transmit both feelings to everyone. Rejoice from sadness is possible, and achieving that enjoyment is my goal.  

How would you classify the musical style of 21deDiciembre?

There isn’t a clear style in my compositions, but it is a fact that all the tracks are about feelings. You can find dark ambient or dark wave in the first track of Mea Redemptio, «Seminia», drone doom in «Circusnpectio» and funeral doom with multiple intensities within the other tracks. However, on the first single of my next album, «Natalicio, cuando no hay respuestas», you can hear a melancholic passage with a viola, cello and a synthesizer. I’d like to say that this is a perfect combo of styles to get swamped a bit more, if possible, in your own grief and deeper sadness.  

When did you start writing music for Mea Redemptio?

After a whole year of constant pain and after my mother‘s death, I vomited all the crap I had inside instantly. The whole album was a total of three months of studio sessions and post production. The result? A reality slap in the face. Sooner or later, everyone will get through it.  

 Do you have a favourite track on this record?

Mea Redemptio is a conceptual album, every track represents a life period, starting with gestational age, moving childhood, puberty, the prudence of the maturity, the illness and at last, after death, the soul departure of the body. The album needs to be listened as a whole, and you need to enjoy it with its sad beginning and ending. Although, if I must choose a track, I would pick «Circunspectio», as I find absolute and supreme beauty in the disgrace behind it. For me, it is a lost ode, knowing that I will walk the same path one day on my own shoes.

Are you already working on your next studio album?

Yes, in fact, last December I released a new track which you can listen on my Bandcamp page. If all goes to plan, my second album will see the light in September.

Do you often listen to your own music? If so: Can you enjoy it?

Being honest, I do sometimes. There are days where I want to go deep in the shame, but I do enjoy it from the beginning to the end. It is an album to listen in a loop and to let go for its vibrations. 

Could you point out some artists that inspired you?

What I’m listening to during composing is there. Lately, in the last couple of years, I listen a lot, maybe excessively, to bands like Stoa, I can listen to Maare Serieena for hours and hours and continue enjoying it as at the first time. Lacrimosa and My Dying Bride are other bands I have been listening to since I was really young – they are my referents. 

On our blog, we mainly focus on metal with epic elements. How would you define the term «epicness» regarding music? 

The epic side of the music is always about the big human being deeds done over the course of history. Within the epic genre you can see typical details of the style, such as the drums emulating cavalry galloping, or guitar solos and riffs. Lyrics tend to rememorize battles or «epic» acts of some characters. Amazing big bands take ownership in increasing the legend of epic metal. In Spain, in my opinion, Tierra Santa is the biggest reference of epic metal.  

Could you recommend our readers some interesting young bands who sound a bit like 21deDiciembre?

There are two bands in Spain, Orthodox and El Altar del Holocausto, while it is true that stylistically they are quite far away from funeral doom it is worth listening to them. Internationally, a Brazilian band called Les Mémoires Fall recently released a new album, The tree: Yarns of Life, also worth listening, really good band!

What do you generally think of the underground metal scene in your country?

In Spain, Metal has been demoted for years, there are only a few macro festivals such as Resurrection Fest, Download or the mythic ViñaRock who focus more on nationally and internationally established bands than on emerging ones. Underground metal is minor and has really low support. Some big cities like Madrid or Barcelona still have some venues where they support the movement, but in others like Almeria the situation sucks!

What is favourite record of all time?

The Angel and the Dark River from  My Dying Bride with not doubt, a maximum delicacy. 

Last question: What do you generally think of social media platforms?

They are totally necessary for the underground, because on them you can meet musicians, bands, ideas. It is the place where you can meet same concerns, interests and insanity… It is a great display window where you can draw the attention to your work, in every corner of the world. Globalization has to offer something good, in this regard.

Many thanks again for this talk. Stay safe!

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