Interview: Northern Redemption

Today, we’d like to draw your attention on a new Swedish heavy metal band: Northern Redemption, founded by our interviewee Thomas Furustig. If you go for classic stuff, you should check this quintet out.

Hi Thomas, there are, for sure, many readers who don’t know Northern Redemption yet. Tell us a bit about your new band, please.

Thomas Furustig: Hi André! Northern Redemption started around mid-June/August 2020 – when I left my previous band after ten years and felt that it was time to go a new way, to make music that was closest to my heart. I contacted some of my older friends and gunslingers, Pontus Nilsson, Andreas Larsson and Mattias Åström. Without hesitation and consideration these guys lined up behind and we had the foundation of the band. Songs were created and creativity flew, but we forgot a part of the puzzle… Who would grab the microphone and become the singer? We searched under every stone with flashlights and asked everyone we knew. And soon, we had two really cool guys, but the choice fell on Jocke Lundqvist. The band was complete! The first song «Spiritwalker» took shape. This was the end of the beginning… now is the future.

How would you define the style of your band?

Old school heavy metal. 

Which bands would you classify as your major influences?

For me it’s Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Accept. The other guys in the band have their roots in Megadeth, Steve Vai or Metallica.

How many songs did you already compose for Northern Redemption?

For now, we have recorded one track, the aforementioned «Spiritwalker». But we are writing music all the time. The next single will be out at the end of March, and the album or EP will be released in May/June 2021.

And who is generally responsible for the songwriting?

In Northern Redemption we try to write all music together, but «Spiritwalker» was written by myself. I got some help with the lyrics from a friend, Fredrik Larsson. 

How popular is heavy metal in Sweden these days?

Heavy metal is very popular in Sweden, and we have many good bands that are big shots abroad.

Is there a vivid underground scene? 

Yes, there is a vivid scene – or at least was… before Covid.

Are there any Swedish metal bands who you would like to recommend to our readers?

Dynazty is a really good metal band, HammerFall, Sabaton, just to mention a few.

What’s your favourite festival?

That’s Sweden Rock Festival!

Where would you like to play with Northern Redemption in the future?

Any big festival in Germany would be a dream, Wacken Open Air, for example.

On our blog, we focus on epic metal. Do you like this genre? If so: What are your favourite bands and records?

I love epic metal, especially old HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys, Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance and many more bands.

2020 was a disaster, no doubt about it. But there were some great releases: What’s your favourite album released last year?

Dynazty – The Dark Delight.

Last question, a classic: Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

Judas Priest, all days of the year!

Thomas, many thanks for your time! We look forward to new Northern Redemption stuff!

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