The Ultimate Epic Battle: Clash of the Titans

In September 2020, my Epic Metal brother Aidan and I kicked off The Ultimate Epic Battle on Instagram. My colleague wrote the following words on his profile in order to announce it:

ATTENTION! Blaze Breeg and myself are going to be hosting an Epic Metal tournament, in which 118 bands (no Extreme Metal or Epic Rock) will compete against each other in order to find a victor! You will be able to vote for one band on either my friend’s or my story in four battles every other day! Spread the message if you like the idea!

Well, we added ten bands later on. Initially, we planned to give titans like Manilla Road or Manowar a free ticket for the first stage, but after a few days we thought that it would be much more fun to host as many battles as possible. Besides, Aidan came up with new EPIC (and often quite obscure) outfits nearly every day. That’s why it was absolutely easy to expand the starting field. Fortunately, a lot of Instagram users participated, from the very beginning! At this point, we thank them very much – you really motivated us to go on! The Ultimate Epic Battle was a nice way to smash one’s Covid blues for at least a while.

Today, the Clash of the Titans takes place. Our much anticipated final. The Ultimate Epic Battle between two US American legends: Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road are going to enter the arena very soon in order to cross swords. This time, you can vote on Instagram and Facebook – check out our stories. (You can still vote for Bathory and Atlantean Kodex who are currently fighting like brave lions for the third place)

We count on your participation! Keep it true!

Road to the final:

Cirith Ungol

1st round: Crom

2nd round: Isole

3rd round: Medieval Steel

Round of 16: Solitude Aeturnus

Quarterfinal: Omen

Semifinal: Bathory

Manilla Road

1st round: Morgul Blade

2nd round: Midnight Force

3rd round: Argus

Round of 16: Knight And Gallow

Quarterfinal: Manowar

Semifinal: Atlantean Kodex

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