New Epic Metal Blog author: Anna Loppacher

Once again, we may present to you a new Epic Metal Blog author: Anna Loppacher from heavy metal trio Dreamslain – a band which consists of Norwegian, Russian/Norwegian and Swiss musicians. Anna – from Switzerland, living in Northern Norway – has already written two great reviews for our platform which will be published very soon. We’re very glad that she joins our ranks! But first, we’d like to introduce our new colleague to you. (André)

Name: Anna Loppacher

Own band: Dreamslain

Favourite genres: NWOBHM, Epic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Prog Rock

Favourite bands: Saxon, Arch Enemy, Manilla Road, Pendragon, Black Sabbath, Lucifers Friend

Favourite records: Khaos Legions (Arch Enemy), War Eternal (Arch Enemy), Angel of Retribution (Judas Priest), Strong Arm of The Law (Saxon), The Old Man and the Sea (self-titled), Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath), The Courts of Chaos (Manilla Road)

Favourite festival: Keep it True

Favourite live band: Manilla Road

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