New Playlist: Divine Victim’s Metal Journey 2003-2021 (+ Bonus Tracks)

Tomorrow, on 30 March, a very special guy (in the most positive sense) turns 18 – which means «finally legal» in Germany: My great friend and fervent fellow epic metal warrior Aidan, also co-founder and soul of our Epic Metal Blog. In order to celebrate his birthday, I created a – quite long – playlist for him and, of course, you, our readers and social media followers, too.

It contains a bunch of epic songs released since 2003 that Aidan appreciates (or «should» appreciate, in some cases). There were only two major rules for me: one tune per year AND band – quite a difficult task, to be honest. 

Besides, you find some bonus material – tracks from artists that play an important role in Aidan’s life, and as a kind of epilogue, his personal «hymn» (on this platform and Instagram, his nick name is Divine Victim, as most of you surely know). 

Last but not least, you may listen to a track dedicated to his favourite football club VfB Stuttgart (nobody is perfect, but it could be much worse…).

So, enjoy listening – and don’t forget to raise your horns for Aidan on 30 March! Without him our Epic Metal Blog wouldn’t exist.


Prologue: Richard Wagner Ritt der Walküren

2003: Iron MaidenPaschendale

2004: Isen Torr Mighty & Superior

2005: Slough FegCurse of Athena

2006: Blind GuardianFly

2007: DoomSwordDeath of Ferdia

2008: BattleroarOceans of Pain

2009: Twisted Tower Dire The Isle of Hydra

2010: Atlantean KodexA Prophet in the Forest

2011: Dark Forest Under the Greenwood Tree

2012: Crystal Viper Ghosts of Sherwood

2013: Manilla RoadThe Battle of Bonchester Bridge

2014: Primordial Where greater men have fallen

2015: VisigothFrom the Arcane Mists of Prophecy 

2016: Sacred SteelBeyond the Gates of Nineveh

2017: Lunar ShadowHadrian carrying stones

2018: Solstice Under Waves lie our Dead

2019: Crypt Sermon Christ is dead

2020: Possessed SteelSpellblade

2021: Angel Martyr Black Twin Rising

Bonus 1: Brocas Helm Cry of the Banshee

Bonus 2: ClaymoreanInto the Courts of Chaos

Bonus 3: Wytch Hazel Archangel

Bonus 4: NevermoreDead Heart in a Dead World

Bonus 5: Midnight Force In Lindisfarne it lay

Epilogue: Manilla RoadDivine Victim

Guilty Pleasure: Die Fraktion & Die Exil-SchwabenFür immer VfB

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