Interview: Mina Walkure (Kramp)

Fortunately, this is not the first time we had the opportunity to talk to Mina Walkure, vocalist of Spanish heavy metal outfit Kramp (check out «My Top 5» and our Manilla Road interview). Nevertheless, it was time to focus on her band that released one of the best traditional metal albums in 2020, Gods of Death. Enjoy reading – and support Mina and Kramp.

Hi Mina, how are you doing?

Mina Walkure: Hey! Very good these days, with my house full of envelopes preparing and t-shirts ready to be shipped with the physical vinyl! Hahaha.

Yeah, hopefully, I get my bundle soon – can’t wait! What was the last record you listened to before answering our questions?

Gordi Pakleni Trio.

Are you a vinyl freak?

I like vinyls, but I honestly prefer to collect CDs.

Same here…

As a designer, it is a big pleasure to do artworks for vinyls – while the layout aspect is more satisfying for CDs as it allows maaaany extra details on the booklet. But yeah, there’s something magical about putting the needle down…

Let’s talk about your band: Did this damn pandemic destroy a lot of your plans with Kramp?

Not destroy! NEVER destroy! Some plans were altered, modified, postponed, replaced… but quite honestly: I’m very used to fight against the wind and find a way to reach my goals. I like it to plan very carefully every detail of what I want to do, but on the other hand: life’s a bitch and more especially in the music industry, so over the years I just learned to be a great improviser.

How would you define the style of your band? And which bands would you classify as your major influences?

Traditional heavy metal with that epic vibe… in terms of sound, it would probably fit best in the USPM tag, but you know: we’re not from there, haha. Also a lot of the Teutonic school. The influence segment is very big: Running Wild, Judas Priest, Manowar, Omen, Accept, Riot, Iron Maiden, Alfonso X, Grave Digger

I really like the quite special name of your band. It sounds a bit German…

I know there are people in Germany with Kramp as last name, and funny enough, we have some fans with that one! It’s always a funny coincidence, haha.

Last year, you released your great debut record Gods of Death. How was the feedback so far?

Amazing!!! People went nuts from the beginning, when we released the «Speed of Light» video, and we were included in several «tops of the year» even when the album was released when most of the lists were already made. [check out our list, for instance, André] It seems that both press and metal maniacs in general are loving it, so that’s great!

Could you point out a favourite song?

I love them all, haha. Depends on the moment… right now: «Preserved in Time».

That’s my favourite track, good choice, haha! What was the weirdest thing you read in a review about Gods of Death?

I honestly have mixed feelings with reviews… because it’s fun to read them but I have to admit that I don’t take any of them serious. There’s been some giggles with certain lines, to be honest, hahaha. I had to take a look at some of them to remember it… There was one comparing us to Mago de Oz… maybe you’re not familiar with them…

Not really…

….and if that’s the case: congratulations, let’s keep it that way. But they’re Spanish and I guess the reviewer thought it was cool to drop another Spanish name. Ok, I don’t have much respect for them, but being critical: we have nothing in common! It’s also interesting to read reviews where the writer just assumes the meaning of the lyrics – like «sword and sorcery» – because they’re too lazy to actually read the lyrics. There’s also been some cryptic writers that leave you with the uncertainty if they loved or hated the album because the text is just contradictory. Aaaaaaaaaand, the ones that give random roles to the musicians and producer despite having all the info handled in advance. But in the voice of Gene Wilder: «Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.»

How popular is traditional metal in Spain these days? Is there a vivid underground scene? Are there any Spanish bands who you would like to recommend?

Not quite as popular as people outside Spain want it to be, hahaha. There’s some movement and it’s been growing over the years, but Spain is a giant country and if you compare numbers: we’re a sad minority. Metal in general, but if you go for more traditional acts… ohhhh myyyyyy. There are some clubs and it seems that some bigger festivals are starting to pay attention to more underground HEAVY METAL bands, so let’s see.

What’s your favourite festival? Where would you like to play with Kramp in the future?

I love Up the Hammers. Not a secret that epic heavy metal is one of my soft spots and the bills of that festival are always excelent. I would love to go everywhere with Kramp, to be honest, hahaha. I would love to play at every traditional festival, like Up the Hammers, Keep it True, Frost and Fire… you name it, but I just love playing live and making the stage my conquest.

What’s your favourite album released this year, so far?

AHHHHH!!!!! Can’t reveal it now, since it is yet to be released. But, if the fair winds want to: expect a cannon ball that will turn 2021 upside down.

Sounds promising! Mina, it was pleasure, many thanks for your time. Stay safe!

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