From now on: Ratings on our blog!

After six months, there’ll be a significant change on our blog: From now on, you can find ratings at the end of our reviews (in%, like the Metallum does, for instance). Honestly, we’re no passionate fans of this classic approach because we’re not at school or university. It’s kinda weird to talk about art this way… But after several conversations – with readers and artists – and a poll on our Instagram profile (62% prefer ratings), we decided to create the following categories:

  • Performance
  • Songwriting
  • Creativity
  • Variety
  • Entertainment
  • Overall

To be clear: The text remains the most important part, for sure. We consider these ratings as an additional feature.

Besides, you’ll find more reviews about releases out of the deepest depths of the underground on our platform in the future – the promos that we get from some (!) promoters/labels aren’t really interesting and often quite “generic”. We’re looking for other stuff, as you know – young bands, young artists who don’t get much attention (or no attention at all) from other mags or blogs. We hope to support our scene better when we only write about records we ourselves like and/or consider as relevant.With this in mind, up the hammers, keep it true and f*** mainstream plastic crap!

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