Interview: Blazon Rite

Yesterday, we published our review about Blazon Rite‘s LP Endless Halls of Golden Totem – a promising debut of a traditional metal outfit with quite a unique sound. In addition to this, we present to you today an interview with guitarist James Kirn who tells us much more about his band from Philadelphia. Enjoy reading!

André: Hi, James how are you doing?

James Kirn: I am doing great, André. Thanks for taking the time to ask us some questions! 

What was the last record you listened to before answering our questions?

Actually it was Megaton SwordNiralet

Are you a vinyl freak?

Yes, everyone in Blazon Rite is a vinyl freak, indeed! We all collect and listen avidly!

Let’s talk about your band: What’s the story behind your name? 

We were just trying to think of something epic and glorious. I forget who came up with it now. It was either our singer Johnny or our guitar player, Pierson. Once we got the right combo of triumphant words it just clicked and we went with it! 

Did this damn pandemic destroy a lot of your plans with Blazon Rite?

I wouldn’t say destroyed because we didn’t have anything major really planned besides rehearsing and recording. It definitely DELAYED a lot of our plans to get the new album tracks tighter and record it sooner than we did. 

How would you define the style of your band? And which bands would you classify as your major influences?

I would say we are a NWOBHM style band mixed with power metal with fantasy themed lyrics. We love Helloween, Running WildManowar, Mercyful Fate, Witchfynde, Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Heavy Load, Manilla Road, Accept. All the classics, for sure. 

Last year, you released your debut record Dulce Bellum Inexpertis E.P. How was the feedback?

We didn’t know what to expect but the feedback seemed generally positive. People seemed to really like the whole package: The music and the concept album theme. Some people said we were raw and needed a little bit of polish and so we took it to another level on the new full-length album. 

What was the weirdest thing you read in a review about Dulce Bellum Inexpertis E.P.?

I think someone said that the art was better than the music. And while I enjoy the art on the E.P., I think the music definitely outshines it for sure! Hahaha 

In May, you will release your first full-length Endless Halls of Golden Totem. Who is responsible for the wonderful cover artwork?

Matt Stikker or bargainbinblasphemy! I shot him a concept and he absolutely killed it. He did an amazing job and I’m thankful that he was able to paint such a great work for us! He did it so quick and I was just shocked at his adaptations of my ideas.  

Is there a lyrical concept behind the album?

Besides being fantasy based, I would have to say no. Each song tells its own story and has its own plot or theme to it! I figured I’d give more bang for the buck this time! Build a different world with every track.  

Could you point out a favourite song on Endless Halls of Golden Totem

I would have to say “Legends of Time and Eidolon”, “Put Down Your Steel” or the title track. Very hard to say though. They all offer something different and unique, I believe. 

How popular is traditional metal in Philadelphia these days? Is there a vivid underground scene? Are there any local bands who you would like to recommend?  

I wouldn’t say traditional metal is huge here but there definitely are a few bands that do it up. Eternal Champion is from the area and at this point they are on the top of the game. Crypt Sermon is great and Morgul Blade is another up and coming band! 

What’s your favourite festival? Where would you like to play with Blazon Rite in the future?

We would love to come to Europe and play, no doubt about it. That is our ultimate goal. To be able to travel to places like Germany and Scandinavia, would be a dream. We hope that one day we will get invited to play a fest over on that side of the Atlantic. We definitely will try and hard as we can to do so!   

Last question: What’s your favourite metal album from Germany?

WOW. That is a VERY hard question, my friend. Off the top of my head ScorpionsVirgin Killer. Runner UPs: HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys, Part. 1 or SodomPersecution Mania.

James, many thanks for your time. Hopefully, our readers check out your stuff after reading your answers.


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