Playlist: Hymns from Heaven

On the occasion of the death of William J Tsamis, we are launching a playlist that honours him and many other heroes who left this world far too early. You are unforgotten!

  1. WarlordDeliver us from Evil (RIP William J Tsamis)
  2. Vicious RumorsOut of the Shadows (RIP Carl Albert)
  3. OmenIn the Arena (RIP J.D. Kimball)
  4. BathoryTwilight of the Gods (RIP Quorthon)
  5. Cirith UngolFinger of Scorn (RIP Jerry Fogle)
  6. Manowar Mountains (RIP Scott Columbus)
  7. Medieval SteelMedieval Steel (RIP Jeff “Chuck” Jones)
  8. TyrantSacrifice (RIP Rob Roy)
  9. Mercyful FateThe Oath (RIP Timi “Grabber” Hansen)
  10. Black SabbathThe Sign of the Southern Cross (RIP Ronnie James Dio)
  11. Iron Maiden Hallowed be thy Name (RIP Clive Burr)
  12. Isen Torr Mighty & Superior (RIP Tony Taylor)
  13. Pagan Altar Danse Macabre (RIP Terry Jones)
  14. SavatageWhen the crowds are gone (RIP Criss Oliva)
  15. Sanctuary Epitaph (RIP Warrel Dane)
  16. Armored Saint Aftermath (RIP Dave Prichard)
  17. Crescent ShieldAbove Mere Mortals (RIP Michael Grant)
  18. Manilla RoadDreams of Eschaton / Epilogue (RIP Mark Shelton)

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