Playlist: Warlord Top 10

Since Bill Tsamis’ death, we have once again taken a close look at the outstanding records of Warlord and Lordian Guard. In doing so, we decided to create a Warlord Top 10 that honours Bill and might be a great introduction for some newcomers. Of course, it wasn’t easy to decide on ten songs, moreover, the Lordian Guard records are unfortunately not represented on Spotify. Therefore, this list contains the versions that were released in 2002 under the name Warlord with Joacim Cans on the microphone. Even though these recordings are great, we prefer the originals from the Lordian Guard debut, which we warmly recommend to every epic metal fan. (Aidan & André)

  1. Deliver Us from Evil
  2. 70,000 Sorrows
  3. Child of the Damned
  4. War in Heaven
  5. Lucifer’s Hammer
  6. My Name is Man
  7. Mrs Victoria
  8. Winds of Thor
  9. Penny for a Poor Man
  10. The Holy Empire

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