Playlist: TOLKIEN

Yesterday we asked you on Facebook for your favourite metal songs that are lyrically based on JRR Tolkien’s works. We have now made a selection, limiting ourselves to songs that largely fit stylistically with the primary focus of our blog. Nevertheless, we would like to thank you for every single contribution – from Led Zeppelin to Running Wild!

Heathen Kings In the Hall of the Kings

Morgana LefayTo Isengard

Blind GuardianNoldor (Dead Winter Reigns)

Bob CatleyThe Fellowship

CruachanThe Fall of Gondolin

Brocas Helm Helm’s Deep

SummoningThe Passing of the Grey Company

Blind GuardianThe Bard’s Song – The Hobbit

Battleroar Dragonhelm

ForefatherThe Downfallen

Keys of OrthancShards of Narcil

Black SabbathThe Wizard

Cirith Ungol Cirith Ungol

Númenor Feanor

Blind Guardian Lord of the Rings

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