My Top 5: Luca “Fils” Cicero (Assedium & Axevyper)

Today, one of our most loyal readers of the first hour has his say – a real epic metal warrior from Italy: Luca “Fils” Cicero, known from Assedium and Axevyper. Enjoy reading – and put on the mentioned records today, you can’t go wrong.

ManowarInto Glory Ride

All killer no filler record. It contains the most epic songs ever written: “Revelation (Death’s Angel)” and “March for Revenge”. The epitome of epic metal. The perfect metal album. When I first heard it I was 13. It blew my head clean off since the “sexual” intro. Wonderful. Mandatory.

Iron MaidenSomewhere in Time

You know, Iron Maiden is the best band ever and Somewhere in Time is their best, unmatched chapter of their discography. It has been often misunderstood because of its “sci-fi/modern vibe” and the use of synthesizers but tracks like “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner”, “Deja vu”, the epic masterpiece “Alexander the Great” and “Stranger in a Strange Land” are all-time classics and you know, you can’t beat history.

Manilla RoadCrystal Logic

I’ve nothing to write about this album. It’s raw, it’s epic, it’s a masterpiece. It’s the best epic metal album of all times. It’s like Alice was sent from Kansas to Valusia to be enlisted in the legions of king Kull. Mark Shelton is the GOAT. And Crystal Logic is pure religion.

Omen Battle Cry

I remember, when I attended high-school in the late ’90s I used to listen to this record all day long instead of opening the books and study boring maths or goddamned literature. I always hated studying, hahahaha. Once I played hookie from school with my deskmate. We went having breakfast together on his motor scooter and I started singing every song on the album while we were riding far away in order not to be caught red-handed. I suggested this album nearly to every guy I met back in these days. A barbaric heavy metal attack: rough, primitive, medieval, with screaming guitars and brutal vocals. Right from the start to the end of the record a wonderful journey through the lands of uncompromising steel!

I-TenTaking a Cold Look

Simply the best A.O.R. album ever produced. If you don’t know this record, don’t lose time and pick it up as soon as possible. The delicate sound of thunder!

Cheers from Viareggio, Italy
Luca (Assedium/Axevyper)

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