Our Top 3 Songs of 2021 (first half)

You already know if you’re one of our regular readers: We love lists. That is why, after the first half of 2021, we will of course give you an overview of our highlights. We start with our respective Top 3 Songs, plus a bonus of four excellent tracks from albums that will be released in the second half of the year.


1. Thronehammer – Eternal Thralldom (album review by André)

2. Angel Martyr – Black Twin Rising (album review by Aidan)

3. Starscape – Colony (album review by Aidan)


1. Wheel – Aeon of Darkness (album review by Ansgar)

2. Servants to the Tide – North Sea (album review by Ansgar)

3. Achelous – Northern Winds (EP review by Aidan)


Seven Sisters – Horizon’s Eye (taken from their upcoming album Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt. I)

Heathen Kings – In the Hall of the Kings (taken from their upcoming debut record, single review by Aidan)

Flame, Dear Flame – The Millennial Heartbeat, Pt. I (taken from their upcoming album Aegis, album review by André)

Claymorean (feat. Cederick Forsberg) – Blood of the Dragon (taken from their upcoming album Eulogy for the Gods)

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