Playlist: Epic Metal Olympus Part I (Readers’ Choice)

A while back we asked the following on our social media platforms:

“Mount Olympus – a mythical mountain that still stimulates the fantasy of many artists nowadays. Today we would like to deal with this phenomenon in a figurative sense: Suppose you meet someone who asks you to introduce them to the greatness of Epic Metal – which THREE songs would you play to them that exemplify the greatness of the genre? In other words, which trio of songs belongs in your Epic Metal Olympus?“

Today we have a playlist for you in which we have integrated ten answers. In addition, there are two bonus tracks by great bands that you should listen to. We would like to thank our Facebook and Instagram readers for their contributions.

Cirith Ungol – Chaos Rising

Scald – Sepulchral Bonfire

Virgin Steele – Noble Savage

Solstice – Death’s Crown is Victory

Atlantean Kodex – Sol Invictus

Fates Warning – Guardian

Bathory – The Lake

Manowar – Mountains

Iron Maiden – Alexander the Great

Manilla Road – The Ninth Wave

Knight & Gallow – Men of the West (Bonus Track)

Ryghär – In a Land where the Sun never sleeps (Bonus Track)

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