Review: Claymorean – Eulogy for the Gods

Release: 01.09.2021 English version below Claymorean müssen wir keinem Stammleser unseres Blogs vorstellen: Über keine Band haben wir mehr Artikel im Angebot. Ihr könnt euch demnach ausmalen, wie sehr Aidan und ich uns auf das neue Album des äußerst sympathischen serbischen Heavy Metal-Quintetts gefreut haben. Und wir möchten euch gar nicht auf die Folter spannen: […]

Playlist: 1 Hour Doom 2021

Today we’ll keep our playlist short and sweet – even though it’s about the slowest kind of metal: 1 hour of excellent doom from the year 2021. 7 gems to enjoy! We dedicate this playlist to Eric Wagner. Rest in peace. Purification – Unholy Resurrection Wheel – When the Shadow Takes You Over Mortajas – […]

Metal and Whiteness

“Apolitical” Metal? Whiteness in the Metal Community From time to time, a debate about the political position of metal resurges, and in that context, usually at some point the argument appears that metal is, or should be apolitical. I want to share some reflections about this debate. Someone once told me that when looking at […]

Playlist: Favourite Riffs (Readers’ Choice)

This weekend we asked our Facebook users for their favorite guitar riffs. We have now selected 20 of them for our playlist. We hope you enjoy listening to it! Heir Apparent – Tear Down The Walls Savatage – Power of the Night Crimson Glory – Heart of Steel Manilla Road – The Veils of Negative […]

Review: is LOVE alive? – Second to None

Release: 18.10.2020 Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wenn das Gute liegt so nah? Das sagte schon meine Urgroßmutter – und damit lag sie gar nicht so verkehrt, auch wenn der Blick über den Tellerrand zweifellos essenziell ist. Wer unseren Blog schon eine Weile verfolgt, weiß, dass es bei uns immer wieder Platz für “Exoten” gibt, […]

Review: Culloden – Demo 2019

Release: 16.07.2021 English version below On the hills of Culloden, we sing to the deadOn the hills of Culloden, Their spirits still tread Was ist noch besser als gute Musik? Gute Musik von guten Typen. Und damit sind wir bei Culloden, der Band um Sänger/Bassist Andrew Halliday. Die Truppe aus dem Nordosten Englands existiert bereits […]

Review: Tabernacle – Terror in Thrace

As the pandemic dominates lives worldwide, an awareness has been resurrected, an awareness almost lost in the vortex of every day live, taken for granted. I am talking about the awareness of globalisation. The world is interconnected, distance has become obsolete. Even tough globalisation has caused many problems, we can’t deny that it always has […]

Lyrics: Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave

Anyone who claims that metal and politics don’t belong together either has their own political agenda or no idea about the roots of our music. It is indisputable that Black Sabbath are among the founding fathers of hard electric guitar music. Already on their second album Paranoid (1970) there were several socially critical songs, including […]

Playlist: Hammer on Hammer

With today’s playlist, we would like to thank all the artists who have declared their support for a liberal, open-minded society on our social media platforms (likes/discussions/messages), in which the fundamental rights of every human being are respected. We did not find all of them on Spotify, and perhaps overlooked one or two. If the […]