Storm Crusher Shoutout: LORD VIGO

In this new category we want to briefly introduce you to bands that we like a lot and that generally deserve more attention. Of course, the focus is on underground bands and newcomers. We hope that you will discover one or the other gem for yourself!

We start today with Lord Vigo – an Epic Doom Metal band that was founded in 2014 in Rhineland-Palatinate (Southern Germany). In the German underground scene, this is an established act that needs almost no introduction to anyone. Outside our country, things may still look a little different.

Remarkable is the fact that the musicians already reached an enormously high level with the demo Under Carpathian Sun, which most artists can only dream of. The compositions are characterised by an intense atmosphere – and are somehow completely out of time. As a listener, you can sink into them wonderfully. With the quasi-band anthem “Vigo von Homburg Deutschendorf”, inspired by Ghostbusters II (1989), Lord Vigo immediately showed their preference for lyrics dealing with film content. On Six Must Die, for example, they pay homage to John Carpenter’s horror classic The Fog (1980), while on Danse De Noir the focus is on the sci-fi movie Blade Runner (1982). With the thematisation of such content, which also inspires the artwork, the Germans clearly set themselves apart from other bands in their genre.

If you look at the discography, the consistently superior quality of the releases so far stands out – one may even claim that the guys have not written a song that deserves the label “mediocre” to this day. This makes it difficult to name highlights, as each album must be listened to attentively from beginning to end. Nevertheless, we would like to present you with a top 5 that is a good introduction to the Lord Vigo universe:

  • The Arrival
  • Blackborne Souls
  • Eternal Saviour
  • Six Must Die
  • Memento Mori

Once you’re familiar with the complete oeuvre, you’ll realise that these are five of the most epic tracks the band has released to this point. If you know the stylistic focus of our blog, you won’t be surprised. We are very much looking forward to seeing the band live at Storm Crusher Festival in a month’s time. Praise the Lord!


Vinz Clortho (Drums, Vocals)
Tony Scoleri (Guitars, Bass)
Volguus Zildrohar (Guitars, Bass)

(Additional) live musicians:

Zuul (Bass)
Ivo Shandor (Drums)
Nunzio Scoleri (Guitars)


Under Carpathian Sun (Demo, 2015)
Under Carpathian Sun (LP, 2015)
Blackborne Souls (LP, 2017)
Six Must Die (LP, 2018)
Danse De Noir (LP, 2020)


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