Playlist: Hammer on Hammer

With today’s playlist, we would like to thank all the artists who have declared their support for a liberal, open-minded society on our social media platforms (likes/discussions/messages), in which the fundamental rights of every human being are respected. We did not find all of them on Spotify, and perhaps overlooked one or two. If the latter is the case, just link a missing band in the comments columns.

Midnight Force – Dunsinane

Seven Sisters – Oathbreaker

Culloden – Lindisfarne

Thronehammer – Eternal Thralldom

Throne of Iron – The Fourth Battle of the Ash Plains

Adamantis – The Siege of Arkona

Dreamslain – The Fall of the Elven Lord

High Council – Scion of the End

Knight & Gallow – Blood of Wolves

Possessed Steel – Spellblade

Claymorean – We Fight Like Lions

Poltergeist – Darklands

Jeff Black – Firestarter

Skyryder – Mistress of Darkness

Spellbook – Black Shadow

Lycanthro – Crucible

Gateways Music – Cookies on the Moon

Gorilla Wizard – The Closet Monster Shuffle

Witches – You Guys Want to See a Dead Body?

Dope Skum – Feast of Snakes

Hürlement – Grenadiers

Dos Brujos – V

Team Hoss – Crusader

Wheel – Hero of the Weak

Smoulder – Ilian of Garathorm

Concilium – No Sanctuary

Little Hole Filled – And the Ants Still March On

Antioch – Cloven Hooves

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