Interview: Dragonbreath

A few days ago we reviewed Dragonbreath‘s debut album The Awakening on our blog. Since this is an amazingly good release, we wanted to interview the band as well. Fortunately, guitarist Demi-Draco had time for us.

André: Hi, thank you very much for your time. How are you?

Demi-Draco: Hello! Thank you for having us! I am pretty good!

I’m glad to hear that! What is the last album you listened to before this interview?

I’ve just finished listening to the new Unto Others’ album, Strength – I have to say is a pretty solid album.

Are you a big vinyl fan? Or do you not care about the format?

I am a “physical fan“ in general – if the music I like is available in a physical format, I’m more likely to buy it than a digital version. The biggest part of my collection is CDs but I also have vinyl LPs/10″/7″, tapes and even mini discs. I am a big fan of colored vinyl LPs and box sets – so that’s the main format I spent a lot on.

Let’s move on to Dragonbreath. You have been around for over 10 years. But your debut album, The Awakening, has only just come out. Why did it take so long? 

Yes, we indeed started the band over a decade ago. The biggest problem we have as a band is that we have an age difference of 1-2 years, and here in Cyprus after graduating from high school you have to do your army duties, which lasted two years, and after that most of us went abroad to study. As you can see, every time one of us finished his service or studies, another one had to start, and as a conclusion, all five of us were never in the same country together for a whole year. We used to come back to our home country during the Christmas and summer holidays and that was the time when we jammed together and wrote our stuff.

How would you classify your music stylistically?

That’s a tough one! Whenever I am asked to tell what our band sounds like, I can’t name a specific genre and be 100% sure about it. Sure thing is that we play Traditional Heavy Metal with US Power and Epic notes.

Which bands would you describe as your major sources of inspiration?

All five of us in the band listen to a different spectrum, I listen to underground and NWOTHM the most, while the other members listen to NWOBHM, US Power and Euro Power, and that gives Dragonbreath the sound they have, because each one of us has our own influences. For myself I have to say that bands like Warlord, Fifth Angel, Gravestone etc. have always inspired me.

The Awakening is undoubtedly one of the best Epic Metal albums of the year. Are you satisfied with the final result as well?

Thank you very much for this big statement and I appreciate it a lot that you like it that much! I have to say that overall I am very satisfied with our release. This album has been long awaited – first and foremost by us – and now that it’s finally out, it’s a dream come true! From the songs to the production to the artwork, I have to say that it gives me the 90s release vibes and that’s a win for me.

Do you have a favorite song? 

You know it’s hard to choose a song as they are all completely written by us, from the music to the lyrics. I like and love all the songs on the album and I don’t think there is a filler, but without a doubt “Eyes Never Lie” is the catchiest! 

I couldn’t decide on a favourite either, the quality of the songs is very high throughout. Another topic: At which festivals would you like to play with Dragonbreath?

For now, we would like to play at Up the Hammers and of course at Keep It True, the “worshipping temple“ of the underground and the NWOTHM! And of course it would be great to play other underground festivals like Pyrenean Warriors and bigger ones like Headbangers Open Air.

Is there a band that particularly fascinated you live?

Finally, an easy question here! The most exciting festival I’ve ever attended is Wacken Open Air 2015 with headliners Savatage and TSO playing parallel on two stages side by side! A lifetime experience that no one can ever top.

Which albums released this year do you like the most?

I am a big fan of The Mad King by Warrior Path, I also gave a good amount of spins on Wheel’s Preserved in Time. But to be honest, the most anticipated album for this year is Seven SistersShadow of a Fallen Star Pt. I. I have all three singles on repeat and from what I’ve listened to so far, the full album should meet all my expectations. 

Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt. I, my album of the year – you’ll be completely blown away for sure, my friend! And which five albums would you take with you to a desert island?

There’s a ton of albums that I would like to have with me, but I have to be extra picky on this one. I think I should take Riot’s Thundersteel, Gravestone’s Creating A Monster, any Savatage album, X-CaliberWarriors of the Night and of course The Awakening by Dragonbreath!

Haha, good choice, especially the last one! Last question: Which band from Cyprus should our readers definitely check out?

I believe most of your Epic Metal Blog readers already know Solitary Sabred, but if not, please check ‘em out, it’s for you own good. Hehe. 

Demi-Draco, once again, many thanks!I hope you have a lot of success with The Awakening. And maybe we’ll see each other live at a Dragonbreath concert!

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity for an interview on your site! Let’s hope we have another one for a next release in the years to come! 

Check out our review.

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