Best of 2021: EPs

Today we present you our third “Best of 2021 list“: This time we focus on EPs. Admittedly, not so many EPs have been released this year that could really thrill us. Therefore we limit ourselves to a sixpack. But every record that shows up here is REALLY awesome!

Aidan’s Sixpack

1. Knight’s Oath – s/t

2. Crom – Into the Glory Land

3. Havukruunu – Kuu erkylän yllä

4. Tabernacle – Terror in Thrace

5. Ezra Brooks – Visions of Esoteric Splendour (Split with Serpent Rider)

6. Achelous – Northern Winds

André’s Sixpack

1. Achelous – Northern Winds

2. Crom – Into the Glory Land

3. Cirith Ungol – Half Past Human

4. Havukruunu – Kuu erkylän yllä

5. Scald – There Flies Our Wail!

6. Sorcerer – Reverence

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