Review: Aiwass – Wayward Gods

Release: 05/11/2021 We already introduced Blake Carrera‘s band Aiwass to you last year on our blog. So I’ll spare myself a longer introduction here and refer you to our interview with the artist from Flagstaff, Arizona. Wayward Gods is the first full-length under the name Aiwass – after six singles and an EP. Blake recorded […]

Playlist: Doom Magic

To start the weekend, we present you a fresh playlist with the motto: Doom Magic. It is also our first playlist that you can find on TIDAL. We hope you enjoy listening to it – maybe you’ll discover a new gem. Reverend Bizarre – Doom over the World Iron Void – Lancelot of the Lake […]

Review: Sentencer – Inception

Release: 06/01/2022 If you’re looking for true underground gems this year that many probably won’t dig up, you can hardly get past Sentencer from Brazil. The quartet from São Paulo has been on our radar for quite some time – and therefore we can say: The guys have the spirit that we all love! It […]

Review: Tony Martin – Thorns

Release: 14/01/2022 Is it possible to write a review about a Tony Martin solo album without mentioning Black Sabbath? The answer to this question is, of course, “Yes!”. However, I love the masterpieces Headless Cross and Tyr so much that I would like to take this opportunity to officially bow to Tony. Thorns is the […]

Review: Powertryp – Midnight Marauder

Release: 01/02/2022  English version below Holla die Waldfee! Entweder sind Powertryp aus Erlangen in Mittelfranken sehr lässig oder aber sehr mutig! Erstmal haben sie offenbar keine Eile, denn die Band gibt es laut der „Metal Archives“ seit 2010, fünf Jahre hat‘s dann bis zum Demo gedauert, und nun bis zum ersten Longplayer nochmal sieben Jahre, obwohl sich […]

Playlist: Scent of Death

It’s time again to share a new playlist with you. Today, everything revolves around the topic of “death”. The following 11 songs prove how beautiful this can be. Have fun listening! Solitude Aeturnus – Scent of Death DoomSword – Deathbringer –  Blood on my Hands Omen – Die by the Blade Cirith Ungol – King of […]

How to earn our support – or lose it

When you get the idea to start a blog, you usually do it out of love for music. Over time, you get to know many people behind the records you like better and better. Often good friendships develop, which you can deepen over a beer or two at festivals. Of course, it is – as […]

Review: Maule – Maule

Release: 14/01/2022  English version below Auf geht’s ins neue Jahr mit dem Debüt von Maule, die uns direkt aus Kanada, genauer gesagt aus Vancouver in der Provinz British Columbia, mit ihren frischen Songs versorgen. Canadian Steele also? Einen ersten Vorgeschmack gabs auf dem 2019er Demo, auf dem der Vierer-Kanadier bereits fünf Songs einfing, die sich nun […]

Interview: Gravety

English version below Gravety haben im letzten Jahr mit Bow Down eines der Jahreshighlights im Bereich Epic Heavy Metal veröffentlicht. WIr freuen uns, euch nun ein ausführliches Interview mit Kevin (Gesang) und Gernot (Gitarre) präsentieren zu können. Viel Spaß beim Lesen. André: Kevin, Gernot, herzlichen Dank, dass ihr euch Zeit für unseren Blog nehmt. Fangen […]