How to earn our support – or lose it

When you get the idea to start a blog, you usually do it out of love for music. Over time, you get to know many people behind the records you like better and better. Often good friendships develop, which you can deepen over a beer or two at festivals.

Of course, it is – as always in life – so that you also meet in the context of your activity as a blogger contemporaries with whom you get along less well. That’s basically not a bad thing, as long as both sides deal with each other professionally.

However, insofar as this does not work out, there is only one conclusion: a band will no longer play a role on the blog in the future. To make one thing clear: A lot has to happen to go this far! Since we have been running this blog, we have decided in two cases – for very different reasons – to no longer offer a platform to artists. Conspiracy theorists who have lost all touch with reality do not have a place with us. The same goes for people who are completely disrespectful towards us or other scene members.

As a reminder: We do not earn a cent with this blog. On the contrary: All in all, we pay a lot – also because we refuse to advertise. We are independent and will remain so. When we praise a band, we mean it. If we are convinced of a band, we support them with all our power, within our limited possibilities.

Since this blog has no commercial ulterior motives, we are admittedly in a luxury position, unlike other platforms or magazines. We have a full life besides this blog. Therefore, we have no desire to deal with morons in our scarce free time. Presumably, we will become even more selective in the future.

The time we invest belongs to bands that not only make good music, but also embody the underground spirit and values that we also hold dear. Fortunately, there are many of them, we can’t list them all, we just want to point out as examples (!) Claymorean, Gravety, Little Hole Filled, Morgul Blade, On Atlas’ Shoulders, Ryghär, Servants to the Tide, Seven Sisters, Thronehammer, Throne of Iron and Wheel. For you, and many others, we are committed – and we thank you for being there for us.

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