Playlist: Little Hole Filled Favourites

As you know, we like playlists – especially as a soundtrack to the weekend. We also like to exchange ideas with readers and musicians about their most beloved songs. For this reason, we now have a new category: musicians compile a playlist with their favourites for our blog. Today we start with the Austrian doom metal band Little Hole Filled, who you have already met on our blog a few times. We are sure that you will discover a lot of new stuff in this playlist. Have fun listening!

Katatonia – Lacquer

40 Watt Sun – The Spaces In Between

TarLung – Weight Of Gravity

Wolftooth – Scylla & Charybdis

Khemmis – Living Pyre

Apostle of Solitude – When The Darkness Comes

Eremit – Secret Powers Entrenched In An Ancient Artefact

Knoll – Impetus in Mire

Adrift for Days – The Spinning Wheel

Obelyskkh – The Enochian Keys

Playlist: Click here.

Little Hole Filled on Bandcamp.

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