Playlist: Hürlement Favourites

At the beginning of the month, we introduced a new category: Musicians tell us their favourite songs – and we create a playlist for you on Tidal. Today it’s the turn of François Porte, guitarist of the French heavy metal band Hürlement. Since a few songs are not available on the aforementioned platform, we have added three of our Hürlement favourites for you as a bonus.

The best thing about it: If you like, you can experience Hürlement live as a headliner at our upcoming Epic Metal Night in Oberhausen on Friday – maybe you can also hear one or two songs from the playlist…

Manowar – Battle Hymn
Manilla Road – Divine Victim (not on Tidal, link to clip below)
Running Wild – Purgatory
Brocas Helm – Into Battle (not on Tidal, link to clip below)
Sortilège – Sortilège
H. Bomb – Exterminateur
ADX – Caligula
Blasphème – Désir de vampyr
Vulcain – Vulcain
Killers – Fils de la haine (not on Tidal, link to clip below)
Bonus (chosen by us): Hürlement – Mercenaire
Bonus (chosen by us): Hürlement – The Song of Steel
Bonus (chosen by us): Hürlement – Pavillon noir

Playlist: Click here.

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