Playlist: Day of Valkyries 22

Today is a special day, even though it shouldn’t have to be. Some may deny it, yet still women in many parts of their lives have to face inequality and discrimination on a regular basis. Some might say that there a other things one should focus on right now, yet in reality this shows the core of the problem. Many struggles and injustices have been neglected and overlooked for so long that they seem marginal and unimportant. Therefore, it is necessary that we all take our time, to raise awareness and to think about all those strong women enriching our lives on a daily basis.

Since always Metal has been dominated by men, yet still this hasn’t stopped women to break through and conquer the stages by storm. So while last year we presented to you a playlist with some of our favourite Epic Metal songs sung by women, this year we decided to create a playlist with some of our favourite songs of Epic Metal bands featuring women on instruments, as they deserve just the same amount of appreciation!

The Epic Metal Blog wishes every woman a Happy Women’s Day!

1. Atlantean Kodex – Lion of Chaldea

2. While Heaven Wept – Of Empires Forlorn

3. Achelous – Northern Winds

4. Hammers of Misfortune – An Oath Sworn in Hell

5. Fer de Lance – The City in the Sea

6. Tanith – Citadel (Galantia Pt.1)

7. Surturs Lohe – Mimes Reigen

8. Greyhawk – Demon Star

9. Kramp – Preserved in Time

10. Skelator – Bane of the Black Sword

Playlist: Click here.

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