Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special – Aidan 19

Soundtrack: Dark Forest – Ælfscýne

The 30th of March is always a special day for the Epic Metal Blog. It is the birthday of our co-founder and co-editor-in-chief Aidan. This year, we would like to celebrate this day together with you – in the context of a multi-part Birthday Special.

A few words beforehand: Without Aidan, this blog would not exist. Our friendship was the reason to create this platform. And it is the basic foundation for keeping it alive. Even if Aidan hasn’t been able to contribute so many reviews lately, he has always been present in the background – and thanks to his enthusiasm he has always been an important support for me. This special is therefore not least a thank you!

We start with a playlist that revolves around Aidan’s special birthday. The 19 marks the end of a decade – and in this respect indicates a big turning point in the future. Reason enough to dedicate ourselves to songs that were released at the end of previous decades – at the end of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s. The selection is, of course, based on the musical preferences of our birthday celebrant…


While Heaven Wept – Vessel (2009)
Lunar Shadow – Roses (2019)
Visigoth – Abysswalker (2019)
Nevermore – Beyond Within (1999)
Gatekeeper – Grey Maiden (2019)
Running Wild – Battle of Waterloo (1989)
Crypt Sermon – Christ is Dead (2019)
Heir Apparent – We, The People (1989)
Riot City – Burn the Night (2019)
Blind Guardian – Valhalla (1989)

Playlist: Click here.

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