Review: Cobra Spell – Anthems of the Night

Release: 31/03/2022

In recent weeks, it has been a bit difficult for me to get excited about classic heavy metal, as many promos that reach us from this genre are very similar in terms of style. Often, there is simply a lack of hits that are necessary to captivate me as a listener – or to seduce me to write a review. Fortunately, there are still bands like Cobra Spell who, all in all, simply do everything right.

That starts with the format: I like EPs in which artists get to the point and which you therefore like to put on again and again. The latter was already the case with Cobra Spell‘s debut Love Venom (2020), when guitarist Sonia, singer Alexx and their bandmates treated us to an excellent mixture of traditional steel and hard rock. First and foremost, the opener “Come On Tonight“ is a real monster that should not be missing from any playlist dedicated to the latter styles.

On Anthems of the Night, much is similar: the four new tracks are characterised by top-class songwriting and an unfailing sense for hooks. Good moods are guaranteed when bandleader Sonia, who recently left the death metal formation Crypta to devote herself fully to Cobra Spell, starts to play her fantastic riffs and solos. The rest of the band is also convincing, but it’s Alexx – who is also active with the Spanish band Hitten – who makes you sit up and take notice with his performance on the microphone. I think the Italian is one of the best singers his generation has to offer – and the fact that he is also a gifted frontman rounds things off.

It makes little sense to name highlights on Anthems of the Night, as all compositions are on a high level. Personally, I like – once again – the opener best: “Addicted to the Night“ would probably have become a world hit in the 80s, which today every metal/hard rock fan could sing along in their sleep. So if you’re just entering the Cobra Spell universe, start with this, and you’ll listen to the rest of the EP afterwards anyway with a big grin on your face.

Conclusion: If you like fresh 80s sounds, you have to love Cobra Spell. Whoever mixes well-known ingredients so skilfully that you really have the feeling of taking an 18-minute, exciting journey through time, does a splendid job. If the band continues like this, they can release exclusively EPs until the end of their career for all I care. If you have the chance to see Cobra Spell live next month alongside Enforcer, Evil Invaders and Ambush (!!!), get a ticket quick!

Performance: 85%
Songwriting: 85%
Creativity: 80%
Variety: 80%
Entertainment: 85%

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