Our Top 6 Albums of 2022 (First quarter)

Today we would like to present you our favourite albums from the first quarter of 2022. As you can see, some excellent records have already been released. In the meantime, albums that are released in April or May are also rotating heavily in our player. The second quarter promises to be at least as good!


1. Véhémence – Ordalies

2. Iron Griffin – Storm of Magic

3. Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal

4. Arð – Take Up My Bones

5. Achelous – The Icewind Chronicles

6. Knight & Gallow – For Honor and Bloodshed


(Note: Only underground releases included)

1. Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal

2. Achelous – The Icewind Chronicles

3. Iron Griffin – Storm of Magic

4. Atrium Noctis – Atrium Noctis

5. Eric Wagner – In the Lonely Light of Mourning

6. On the Loose – On the Loose

Bonus: Claymorean – Alive in Vultureburg

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