Review: Adamantis – The Daemon’s Strain

Release: 15/04/2022

written by Igor Jakobsen (Dreamslain)

Having bought the Adamantis album Far Flung Realm after finding it at the Epic Metal Blog, I’m very happy to review their EP The Daemons’s Strain for the same blog.

The 4 song ep was recorded by Jeff Stark (vocals), Evgeny Gromovoy (drums), Cody Pelchat (Bass) Javier Estrada (guitars) and Jeff Taft (Guitars). Pelchat and Taft have since left the band.

Technically all the songs are performed very well, and they are well produced, with everything sitting well in the mix. 

The band delivers what I would call classic power metal making me think of HammerFall and Galloglass, however with some folk metal elements. Their songs “Dark Moon Goddess” and “The Daemon’s Strain” also brings in more folk music and epic metal elements, reminding of Atlantean Kodex and Solstice.

In general, I find this eps first and third songs, “Storm The Walls” and “Thundermark” to be more mainstream appealing and a bit too much in the modern power metal mold for my taste. Here you have crowd engaging choruses and great guitar solos and leads, however, it’s a bit too cheerful for my taste.

These songs are still bringing in more variation than many other bands, and manage to keep also these songs interesting, however it’s on the 2 other songs they really shine as songwriters.

What I really like on this EP are the folk elements in the melodies, particularly on the “Dark Moon Goddess” they almost come off as a power metal version of Primordial in the way they think harmonies and melodic progression. 

Their song “The Daemon’s Strain (House Carpenter)” delivers well when it comes to epic slow parts, however I would have liked its faster parts to be darker. However, with this being a reimagining of a folk song, it’s natural to keep the melodies and chord progression of the original. All in all, I think it’s a great way to expand the original, and it’s more interesting than the covers of “House Carpenter” that I could find.

Special mention should be made of the guest vocals performed by Krista Sion of Dialith and the bass guitar melody that lifts the song further in my opinion.

To sum it up, it’s a solid effort by the band, and I was the most impressed with the song “Dark Moon Goddess” and hope to hear more of this type of songs from the band in the future!

Check the songs out for yourself on their Bandcamp!

Generally, I dislike giving out points in reviews, however I’ve been asked to do so by Epic Metal Blog, so here is my attempt to put numbers on my experience:

Performance: 80%
Songwriting: 83%
Creativity: 85%
Variety: 83%
Entertainment: 85%

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