Review: Böllverk – Heading for the Crown

Release: 22/04/2022

The German heavy metal band Böllverk is probably still unknown to most of our readers. The quintet from Aschaffenburg only exists since 2018 and has so far released an EP, Let’s Ride Till Dawn (2020), as well as their full-length debut Heading for the Crown. If you’re still looking for traditional-sounding acts in the underground, you should definitely give this one a listen.

Basically, song titles like “Good Morning Rock’n’Roll“, “Master of Thunder“ or “Live Fast“ already reveal the direction of the 44 minutes the Bavarians have to offer. Böllverk exude a lot of sweaty working class spirit with the dirty rock vibes that characterise their metal. Their music is thoroughly honest and should please anyone who likes it as straight as possible and without frills, but not, please, clumsy either. The urge to open a cold drink is boundless after just a few seconds of Heading for the Crown.

If you now unavoidably think of Motörhead, you have done your homework: A track like the above-mentioned “Good Morning Rock’n’Roll“ or also “The 7th No (ISA A KO)“ live not least from Zahn’s Lemmy-like vocals, which perfectly complement the clear but at the same time powerful vocals of front woman Svenja. At first glance, such compositions are quite simple – and certainly not innovative – but they are just fun, at least when they are performed with so much style and passion.

So that no misunderstandings arise: The influences that can be found in Böllverk‘s sound are numerous: Teutonic giants like old Accept are also honoured here. In general, the band is recommended for traditional festivals like KIT or Headbangers Open Air – I’m sure they will thrill the audience there. But which metal fan doesn’t like fiery leads, powerful, memorable riffs and an extremely tight and hard rocking rhythm section? The only thing I’m missing on this record is a really huge hit, which I immediately want to play to everyone who asks me who these Böllverk are…

Conclusion: Böllverk are presenting us a solid debut that whets our appetite for more. I’m sure that the tracks will work especially well live, as overall they have a lot of join-in and growl-along potential. The rocky note makes Heading for the Crown kick ass and give the finger to polished plastic combos with a disdainful grin.

Performance: 83%
Songwriting: 80%
Creativity: 75%
Variety: 75%
Entertainment: 85%

Böllverk on Bandcamp.

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