Review: Celtic Hills – Huldufólk

Release: 01/04/2022 Last year you already had the opportunity to get to know Celtic Hills on our blog. Therefore, I will spare myself a longer introduction at this point. The fact that the band from Udine is releasing their third full-length within two years is certainly remarkable. Those who are afraid that this will be […]

Review: Cobra Spell – Anthems of the Night

Release: 31/03/2022 In recent weeks, it has been a bit difficult for me to get excited about classic heavy metal, as many promos that reach us from this genre are very similar in terms of style. Often, there is simply a lack of hits that are necessary to captivate me as a listener – or […]

Playlist: Epic Growls & Screams

Both Aidan and I like extreme metal styles – as long as they have an epic feel or a sublime atmosphere. So with this playlist, we’re focusing on songs that are far from traditional epic metal – we hope you enjoy this new sound on the Epic Metal Blog as much as we do. Vanaheim […]