Manilla Road Special (39): Alex Noce (Mamorlis)

What better way to spend a Tuesday than discussing Manilla Road for a bit? Nothing, that’s why today we present a short interview with Alex Noce, drummer and singer of the US heavy metal band Mamorlis.

André: Would you classify Manilla Road as an important source of inspiration for your music?

Alex: Yes!

When did you meet Mark Shelton for the first time?

Rooster [guitar player of Mamorlis] gave a bag of weed to Mark on stage in 2015. Mark then complained about the difficulty of finding weed in Kansas.

Can you point out a special moment that you experienced with Manilla Road?

Mowing lawns for a living while listening to Open the Gates on repeat 1000x gave me the will not to kill my customers.

What makes Manilla Road special in your opinion?

Any band that inspires you to pick up a book is worthwhile.

What are your three favourite Manilla Road albums?

  • Crystal Logic
  • The Deluge
  • Mystification

What’s the most underrated Manilla Road album in your opinion?


What are your five favourite Manilla Road tracks?

  • “Cage of Mirrors“
  • “Flaming Metal Systems“
  • “Mystification“
  • “Dementia“
  • “Life Goes On“

What’s the most underrated Manilla Road track in your opinion?

“Life Goes On”.

On Which Manilla Road track moves you the most emotionally?

“Life Goes On“.

What’s your favourite solo/lead played by Mark Shelton?

“The Ninth Wave“.

How would you define the term epic metal?

Music that takes you to another dimension of big titted barbarian babes and muscle-fuck-pigs wielding axes.

Are there any young bands inspired by Manilla Road that you appreciate?


What do you generally think of Manilla Road‘s legacy and the current epic metal scene?

There are certainly some popular epic metal bands out these days. Take us on tour, you bums!!

Check out Mamorlis on Bandcamp.

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