Review: Gott – To Hell To Zion

Release: 01/09/2022 (Vinyl) Let’s not be fooling ourselves: Even though there are numerous highly talented bands in the underground these days, the majority of the promos you get as a blog can usually be classified as average. Since we have always focused on the releases that really interest us, this is not a major problem […]

Playlist: German Black Metal Magic (Part I)

To kick off the weekend, we present you today a playlist on which you can find some of the currently best German black metal bands. We hope you enjoy listening – and that you discover new gems. Horn – Retrograd The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia Ultha – The Night Took Her Right Before My […]

Eric Wagner – All that remains is true

Guest feature written by Elusive T./Elusive God oh lord please take my soul take my in your arms rest assured and as i lay me down to sleep throughout the night forever in your heartall that remains is true While I was listening to The Skull‘s song “All that remains is true“, a scene from one of the first episodes […]

Live Report: Blaze Bayley + Absolva (Dortmund)

Text: André, Pics & Videos: Aidan, Sven Biwo and a nice lady Blaze Bayley concerts are something very special: Even today, I am still thinking back with a big satisfied grin on my face to a remarkably intense gig at the Bastard Club in Osnabrück, when the maestro and the Absolva boys treated their fans […]

Review: On Atlas’ Shoulders – A Dystopian Prequel

Release: 13/08/2022 On Atlas’ Shoulders is a band that every music fan must love – and this is not primarily due to the very tastefully chosen band name. The guys from Hessen don’t chase after any trends in the mainstream or underground. Instead, they have already developed into a completely independent-sounding formation on their first […]

Review: Oathbringer – Tales of Glory

Release: 22/06/2022 MoriaWe are passing throughThrough the darkTo the bridge of Khazad-Dum Those who know our blog know that we regularly look to Serbia. This is not primarily because you can spend a wonderful time with all kinds of culinary delights in Novi Sad, for example, but because of Claymorean. But Serbia has even more […]

Playlist: Through the Forest

After a hot day, you long for the refreshing coolness of dense forests. That’s what happened to both of us last night – so we spontaneously sat down with a cold drink or two to create a playlist for you that will revive your senses. We hope that you will discover something new and exciting […]

Review: Oath – Hallowed Illusions

Release: 29/07/2022 If you have been reading our blog for the last two years, you will certainly have come across the name Oath. Nevertheless, a short explanation at this point: It is a one-man-project from Scotland, behind which Steven Waddell can be found. Stylistically, we’re dealing with classic heavy metal, more specifically a nod to […]