Playlist: Through the Forest

After a hot day, you long for the refreshing coolness of dense forests. That’s what happened to both of us last night – so we spontaneously sat down with a cold drink or two to create a playlist for you that will revive your senses. We hope that you will discover something new and exciting in addition to the old favourites.

Dark Forest – Lunantishee

Lunar Shadow – Gone Astray

Grot – Tortured Soul

Horn – Satt scheint der Sud der Tat

Cross Vault – Footprints

:NODFYR: – Herfsttij

Darkest Era – Floodlands

Alvenrad – De Groene Tempel

Atlantean Kodex – Marching Homeward

Heidevolk – Gungnir

Playlist – click here.

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