Lost Dawning – Embers of Dusk

Release: 18/11/2022

We are always very glad when we can present young artists on our blog who are at the very beginning of their career. This is definitely the case with Lost Dawning. Formed in 2020, the band has its roots in Scandinavia, but is now even more broadly based in terms of the band members’ origins, including the UK.

In this sense, we are dealing with European power metal in two respects. Lost Dawning offer with “Fire Alone“, “Next Level“ and “Burning Stars“ three tracks that should please every fan of this genre: The compositions are highly melodic, catchy and quite theatrical, some would say cheesy, not least in view of the rather dominant keyboards – but that’s how this type of metal works.

Of course, European power metal lives to a significant extent from the vocals. In this regard, the band is well equipped – clear, rather high female vocals are reminiscent of bands like Nightwish, Epica or Within Temptation. Again, if you like elf sounds on the mic, you can grab Embers of Dusk without hesitation.

At this point, the sound should also be emphasised – it’s pretty decent. Even better, however, is the genre-typical artwork, which also visually indicates very skilfully where the journey is heading.

As is so often the case with a debut, the same applies here: Lost Dawning show that they have mastered the basic rules of their favourite genre. Especially the opener “Fire Alone“ has hit qualities that are not to be despised. The songwriting is generally on a high level. Of course, the great idols can be clearly heard in the tunes, so that the big task of the young band will be to develop their own identity in the future in order to stand out from the mass of similar-sounding releases. I definitely believe that this very likeable quintet can do it – “to the next level”!

Performance: 82%
Songwriting: 80%
Creativity: 78%
Variety: 75%
Entertainment: 85%

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