Playlist: Hammer of Doom Highlights 2022

Today we would like to share a playlist with you, in which we have collected some of the songs that were among the highlights of the Hammer of Doom Festival 2022. We hope you enjoy listening to them.

1. Fvneral Fvkk – When God Is Not Watching

2. Wheel – Icarus

3. Parish – Soil & Scythe

4. Atlantean Kodex – He Who Walks Behind The Years

5. B.S.T. – Ride On

6. Death the Leveller – The Hunt Eternal

7. Thronehammer – Thy Blood

8. Candlemass – Solitude (Probably the last song that was ever played at a Hammer of Doom festival in the Posthalle in Würzburg, therefore, of course, also our final track at this point)

Playlist on Tidal: Click here.

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