Playlist: Pete Salatellis (Zodiak) – Best of 2022 (Part I)

We are always happy to present you playlists on our platform that befriended artists have put together for us. There will be many more of them in 2023! We start today with a very tasteful compilation by Pete Salatellis, guitarist for classic heavy metal band Zodiak, based in Montreal, Canada. Since Pete’s musical tastes are wide-ranging, his playlist is also very diverse – so we decided to split it up. So today we have part I – have fun listening!

Pete Salatellis (Zodiak) – Best of 2022 (Part I)

Phantom Spell – Up the Tower
Oath – Disposable
Knight and Gallow – God’s Will
Sumerlands – Dreamkiller
Vanaheim – Onbevangen
Véhémence – Par le Glaive
Riot City – Tyrant
Hällas – Advent of Dawn
Riders of Rohan – Whisphers of a nameless fear
Dark Forest – Under the Greenwood Tree
Iron Kingdom – Queen of the Crystal Throne
Gatekeeper – Exiled King

Playlist: Click here.

Pete on our blog:

My Top 5 (Favourite albums) (12/2020)

Manilla Road Special (01/2021)

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